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Fresh Flavours

Fresh Savoury Popcorn

A multitude of savoury popcorn seasonings to choose for what you are... 

Fresh Sweet Flavours

Using a special mushroom corn, your candied flavour popcorns with give you... 

Premium Flavours

Premium Flavours takes the best of our ingredients and adds a decadence... 

New Arrivals!

Home made Ice Cream

with standard flavours as well as

Lemon, Orange, Grape, Apple, Maple, Berry, Cherry, Peppermint, Passion Fruit

Made in front of you while you wait.

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Wholesale & Fundraising & Sponsor Programs

As a wholesale member you will be able to sell our popcorn in your store with special packaging. Choose from a variety of flavours for your customers cravings. Bulk discounts available.

We have a unique fundraising program for your event where you will actually make more than double your cost.

Don't want to pay upfront costs for your event .We can come to you event with packaged popcorn and we will donate 50% of the proceeds to your event

  • Specials


    Buy 1 popcorn get

    2nd popcorn at 1/2 price


    25% off Freeze Dried Candies


    5 Buck Sale on

    Small Savoury Popcorn, Nachos with Cheese & Salsa

    Sweet Pretzel & Butter Icing

  • Events

    Victoria Day Weekend Special
    Chocolate Waffle Cone $4.99
    Chocolate Soft Serve in a cup $3.99

    Choice of Chocolate, Caramel, Cotton Candy toppings

  • Custom Flavours

    Corporate Flavours


    Sweet Escapes, K'Boodle, Gilmours by the Bay, Grills Orchard, Stirling General Mercantile

    Now in store!!

    Canadian Red Beer Pocorn--a Light or Bold flavour

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